Archie on social media

Archie on social media

A few weeks ago the Techdept team were joined by 15 year old work placement student, Archie.

During his week with us he got stuck in designing and testing web sites, learning a bit more about what it’s really like in our world! He also took the opportunity to write up his thoughts about social media and how it might evolve in the future.

Take it away Archie…

The most commonly used social media sites among my generation are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. I like and use Facebook and Instagram the most. This is probably just because I have used them for the longest time, although I have tried the others.

1.1 Billion Users

Facebook now has over 1.1 billion users. It is also the most used social media network by people my age. I think this is because Facebook is almost like a mixture of all media sites – you can share pictures, videos and posts, as well as using messages and the reasonably new video calling feature.

With such a big website like Facebook comes lots of people advertising. This can be annoying and many of them turn out to be scams – for example “click here to claim a free iPad”.  Another problem is people that post boring personal information just to get likes! There are lots of benefits to Facebook though. Organising events is great as you can reach thousands of users very quickly and for free.

Share Your Pics

Instagram is probably the most used picture sharing app these days as it offers easy functions and ways for you to edit photos. It also lets you see what others have been up to and show off how artistic you are. It gives you a boost when you get a few likes or follows and it is pretty simple to do! Me and my friends made a joke page for BMXs and posted a few pictures. Overnight we found that we had gained over 2000 followers which made every one quite happy! Another good thing about Instagram is following accounts of people, bands or football teams that you are interested in and seeing pictures and information from them.

Recently Instagram have lost a lot of users to another app called Vine which is very similar but you post videos instead of photos. Instagram have noticed this and are working on a design to make it so you can share your videos as well as photos.

Global Reach

Twitter started out as an internal messaging service for a podcast company on 21stMarch 2006 until it was starting to be mentioned in comments on Facebook.  Within 2 years it had over 100 million users and today it has over 500 million users. Twitter is good as thousands of celebrities have accounts; this lets you always know what’s happening to the stars. Another reason I like Twitter is because it is easy to get around and to follow people (and unfollow them if they start to get boring)!

Twitter is great for raising awareness about issues very quickly; however, I found out the hard way that if you misuse this power, you can end up with bad results. My friends and I posted something that was intended to be a joke, but within hours hundreds of people were tweeting about it. We had to come clean in the end!

Fun with Friends

Almost all games involve social networks or communication in some way. The types of games vary, but my favourite is Clash of Clans on the iPod. You build your clan castle to join a clan with people from anywhere and talk to your friends or strangers. You can be connected to Facebook too so it makes it easier to find your friends. Xbox and Playstation also have social media built into them. You can play online with friends and talk to each other through your headsets. You do have to pay for some of these services though.

The Future

I believe that social media is taking over the world because of the many advantages it has. People will need to keep their guard up however, as more and more people start to join it and its influence grow there could be more misuse and even dangerous consequences.

I do think I will use it more often as new sites become available. I am excited to see new ideas and I think the same will apply for lots of other people too, not just those my age!

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