We’ve launched two new services

We’ve launched two new services

 our new services

Our aim at Techdept is to be an ‘expert digital colleague’ for our clients, and to better achieve this role we’ve created two new services: Scientific Design and Digital Transformation.

We’ve recently found our User Experience Design team (led by the super-talented Dan Sherratt) has been getting busier and busier, recent work including BAE Systems’ global intranet, and a pan-North American mobile app for Regenersis. We’ve also been doing more strategy projects and workshops for clients like BBC Children In Need, and The Premier League.

Both these activities (making web sites & apps more usable & profitable, and understanding how to deal with the current technological ‘third industrial revolution’) are pretty fundamental. So it made sense to develop this part of our business by forging a partnership with two of London’s sparkiest digital dudes:

Phil Dearson

phil dearson

Ben Salmon

ben salmon

Phil has over 20 years experience of working in leading agencies with leading brands, and he’s more recently been working with clients like Sony PlayStation and McDonalds on their digital transformation strategies. Ben has held global roles in several leading marketing tech companies and digital agencies – he’s an expert in using data to achieve better return on investment. They are both co-founders with us of The Marketing Technology Association.

Together with Ben and Phil we’ve built on our existing services to create two really exciting new services which we launch today:

Scientific Design

scientific design

Whilst designers don’t like to admit this, design is often ‘guesswork’. What we mean that even though a design is built on best practice, and looks great, until its proven to work it’s still a hypothesis.

That’s why we propose a more scientific approach to design.

This means we test our designs over time, looking at actual usage data to make decisions to improve it. We can create a simple ‘Measurement Scorecard’ for you, to easily track whether you are moving towards or away from your goals. Our ‘Site Improvement Service’ creates a method to keep things moving forward.

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Digital Transformation

digital transformation

First of all, what the heck is ‘digital transformation’? It’s one of those buzzwords – like disruption or innovation – that has surfaced in the last year and which sounds super complicated and difficult. Our mission is to make it simple and accessible.

We’ve distilled our thinking to create three consultancy-led ‘modular products’ which build on each other. You can kick off with just one day’s time commitment, getting a grounding in the digital opportunities challenges of the future.

Of course we’re more than happy to do more bespoke projects too 🙂

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We’re really excited about being able to apply this new thinking, helping clients make the most of the opportunities out there, and avoiding the pitfalls. And applying ‘silicon valley thinking’ to better optimise their digital investments over time.

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