The 14 Day Marketing Tech Masterclass

The 14 Day Marketing Tech Masterclass

the 14 day marketing tech masterclass

Everything you wanted to know about Martech but were afraid to ask…

Hi i’m Dan, CEO & co-founder of Techdept. I’ve been working using new tech in marketing for 20 years, and now take the knowledge I’ve built  for granted.

But this world of marketing technology is ever-changing, so keeping up to speed is hard. It’s no shame to feel a bit bamboozled, or out of your depth (the secret is – everyone else does too).

To help this issue I’ve spent the last 6 months drafting (then re-drafting and drafting again!) a 2-week programme of bite size lessons: The 14 Day Marketing Tech Masterclass.

All the content is based on hands-on experiences and direct insights I have learnt while working with leading brands, and within Techdept and technology investments.

I’m actually rather proud of it.

It should only take you 5 minutes a day, so why not give it a go! I hope it helps!!

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