Announcing Unfake

Announcing Unfake

We’re more than a little proud to announce an investment in an exciting new tech startup: Unfake. Its mission is to transform how marketing messages are created and consumed online.

Led by 26 year old tech entrepreneur Joe Pack, we aim to radically disrupt the world of advertising. Joe is passionate about this goal, as are we. And we’re going about it with a radical collaborative strategy, which we detail below.

But how do we plan to achieve these aims? Through technology.

Our tech platform will connect mid-tier social media influencers with brands that they respect. They will then work together to create authentic messages which their audiences will want to engage with. True recommendations. Unfake.

The age of fake is over

Did you know that 1 in 5 of people online use an ad blocker? So if you’re an online ad creative it doesn’t matter how compelling your brand narrative, or how efficiently it’s programmatically served. It’s unwanted.

And even if they don’t use an ad blocker, people filter out the ads. Below is a video of Joe’s 11-year-old sister browsing YouTube. She simply opens multiple tabs, lets the pre-roll advertising roll and then watches the video content she wants. She’s never heard of an ad blocker. Welcome to Generation Z.

So it’s a brave and scary new world for marketers.

This world is where social media content creators (like Casey Neistat) are superstars, mobbed in the street. They have a highly engaged and trusted relationship with their followers. But this new breed of creatives needs to eat, and don’t get paid by the platforms.

Of course, influencer marketing is nothing new (and brands are recognising its value). But both brands and influencers have bad experiences of the process. It’s labour intensive to manage and difficult to administrate. Influencers don’t want to chase invoices, or debate with a brand managers need for creative control. Marketers want to find the right influencer, and stop the agency middle-man sucking out all the budget.

Sharing value with our heroes

We believe social media content creators are the web’s creative heroes. And we want to genuinely partner with them – not just as a supplier of services.

Unfake is allocating 50% of it’s shares for the influencers that work with us. Half of the company will be owned by the creative heroes. We will share value as it is created.

And we’re aiming for exponential growth.

The Alpha Programme

Our Minimum Viable Product is being built, yet you can sign up at

In the meantime we are taking on projects, running through our process manually – testing assumptions & product/market fit. This is built on advice from the best. Our influencer list is also growing every day, and we now have a particularly strong network of music influencers – including globally recognised names.

little boots

Brands can now take advantage of this with our Alpha Programme, leveraging our network of music influencers for their campaigns. We also have a strong growing network of lifestyle influencers.

If that sounds good – drop Joe a note at


We’re looking forward to growing Unfake into a world changing platform. So watch this space, and join us on the ride.


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