We’re literally hitting Austin with The Tech Off!

We’re literally hitting Austin with The Tech Off!

We're hitting SXSW

Like the Brexit result and the inauguration of The Donald, our event The Tech Off® is defying all the pundits. We’re taking over the world of tech! WARNING: this is NOT fake news!!

We’ve been asked by the Department of Industry & Trade to take The Tech Off® to Great Britain House during SXSW interactive. From March 11th – 13th we’ll be hosting not one, not two but THREE events: x2 heats and x1 Grand Finale (at their closing reception). Dates & times below…

If you’re going, here are the locations and times:

Venue is Great Britain House @ Speakeasy, 412 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

Dates/times/locations are:

Heat 1: Sat, March 11, 1-3pm on the Kew Gardens Rooftop

Heat 2: Sun, March 12, 1-3pm on the Kew Gardens Rooftop

Grand Finale: Mon, March 13, 5-7pm in The Cavern

At the Grand Finale we will be picking a Wild Card contender from the crowd!

BUT if you can’t make it, check out our other dates in 2017

What is “South By”?
SXSW – held every March in Austin Texas – is an event so badass it makes Chuck Norris look like Derek Zoolander. So it makes perfect sense that the world’s most badass tech event – The Tech Off® – is there too.

DJ Beefcake showing his fingers!
DJ Beefcake showing his fingers!

Austin has the strapline Keep Austin Weird. And we’re taking this literally. We’ll be BBQ’ing their brains and branding tech into their behinds (not literally).

And we’ll have the full crew in full effect; The Tech Off CEO MC Danimal AKA The Beyonce Of Tech; our security The Fabulous Bakewell Boys; and DJ Beefcake (fresh from his gig at the presidential inauguration).

Deal with it
Deal with it


What is The Tech Off?
The Tech Off® has been called “the lovechild of TED talks and WWE wrestling” and we’ve been laying down truths since summer 2014.

We invite a smorgasbord of tech types to speak for ONLY 5 MINUTES about anything to do with tech. And we MEAN 5 minutes. You go past the bell, and the Boys are coming for you (seriously, we regularly boot speakers off).

Baying crowd hungry for tech!
Baying crowd hungry for tech!

Winners are chosen by the crowd, hungry for blood, tears AND TECH! Using our unique ‘connected device’ app The Techometer™ we scientifically choose the winner. They then take away The Tech Off Winner’s Belt Of Digital Glory…and a lifetime of memories they can never forget (no matter how hard they try).

We’ll be making a special custom belt for the winner of our “Imaginocalypse!”

We’re asking all our speakers to imagine just which of today’s technologies will crumble and die over the next few years, and which will soar and wow the world in the future??

Find out only at The Tech Off: Imaginocalypse!

The Beyonce Of Tech!
The Beyonce Of Tech!

MC’ing this meat-tray of talent is MC Danimal AKA The Beyonce Of Tech. He has recently joined Twitter but we advise against tweeting him. He’s extremely volatile and suggestible.


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