The Tech Off Hits Dublin!

The Tech Off Hits Dublin!

On Wednesday 8th March 2017, the love-child of TED Talks and WWE – The Tech Off® – will be blowing socks off in the city of Dublin at Ireland’s LARGEST marketing event – DMX Dublin!

It’s gonna be great craic!

The founder and Director of DMX Dublin, Colin Lewis, previous winner of The Tech Off® back in November 2015 at the Festival of Marketing, has invited The Tech Off® and MC Danimal to make waves at DMX Dublin.

We attended DMX Dublin last year and we were well impressed with what we saw.

MC Danimal (AKA ‘The Beyoncé of Tech’) and the Fabulous Bakewell Boys will be stormin’ in and taking no prisoners.

We are on the President’s Terrace (the main stage) – but MC Danimal is already kicking off about his ‘rider’ (BLUE M&Ms)

So, what will happen at The Tech Off®?

A bunch of tech types get to talk for 5 MINUTES about anything tech-related – and we mean 5 MINUTES ONLY! If you blarney on for too long, the Fabulous Bakewell boys will drag you off.

The winners are chosen by the baying crowd as the response is scientifically recorded via our unique ‘connected device’ app – The Techometer™! No expense spared!

The much-coveted prize is The Tech Off® Winner’s Belt. Plus the prestige and honour that accompanies the choice and exclusive reward.

A peek of the prize!

Our three speakers ready to battle it out are:

  • Dael Wood; Director Insights and Strategy at Dentsu Aegis Network
  • Mark Brennan; Head of Digital marketing & Innovation at AIB
  • Darragh Rea; Director at Edelman


It’s all kicking off!

Despite being on the main stage MC Danimal has been smack talking various of the other speakers at DMX Dublin. He’s incorrigible!

Check out the fantastic DMX Dublin schedule here!

You can follow Colin Lewis and MC Danimal on Twitter. Do it!

About DMX Dublin

DMX Dublin is a Marketing Institute event where over 800 Marketing professionals are blasted with fierce new ideas, rocked by multimedia presentations and blown away by ball-busting patter.

In attendance will be:

  • Creative agencies
  • Digital agencies
  • On-line publishers
  • Advertisers
  • Start-ups
  • Internationally recognised geniuses
  • and, of course, The Tech Off® gang

There will be over thirty speakers at DMX Dublin participating in a variety of forums, but the boisterous leader from The Tech Off® (and his posse) are unequalled in their audacious ‘tude.

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