Countdown to The Tech Off: Soundclash!

Countdown to The Tech Off: Soundclash!



We’re teaming up with London Tech Week for the first time ever, and we’re going to celebrate music and technology and rock the city (well, Shoreditch at least!)!


Hosted once more by the brilliant people at Cargo, The Tech Off will be bringing together some HUGE names from the music-tech world to fight it out for the highly coveted ‘Belt of Tech’.


With the likes of DJ Yoda, THePETEBOX, and Androdes  (amongst others), you’re in for a wild night.

PLUS we have entrepreneurs and marketers such as Emily Scoggins from O2, Sian Evans from Sound DiplomacyDiluk Dias from AEI group, and previous champ, Fred Schmidt MBE from Capital Factory!



If you’ve never been to The Tech Off before, now’s your chance. Tickets are selling fast, so get on line and buy now!

For those of you who are uninitiated, The Tech Off has been described as the love-child of TED Talks and WWE. Contestants have five minutes each to talk about exciting ideas and innovations in the world of tech and try to impress the baying crowd in order to win the night’s grand prize. The time-limit is crucial… otherwise our security boys will drag ’em off stage!

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As ever, your host is MC Danimal AKA ‘The Beyonce of Tech’, securely supported by The Fabulous Bakewell Boys, and music brought to you by DJ Beefcake!



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