The Tech Off! back in a September Showdown

The Tech Off! back in a September Showdown



After a “restful” summer in Magaluf, MC Danimal and The Tech Off crew returns this September – for two events BACK-TO-BACK – over two consecutive days in London and Brighton! There’s no rest for the wicked.

If you’ve never been to The Tech Off before (seriously? What have you been doing??), now’s your chance.


So what is this event?

The Tech Off is the love-child of TED talks and WWE, brought to you by the team at Techdept. Our London events have attracted 500+ attendees and we’ve been invited to SXSW, Cannes Lions, London Tech Week and other kick-ass events around the world. Each location left reeling in awe for days afterwards (or so we like to imagine!)

For those of you who are uninitiated, let us explain: contestants have five minutes each to talk about exciting ideas and innovations in the world of tech and try to impress the baying crowd in order to win the night’s grand prize – the highly-sought ‘Belt of Tech’. The time-limit is crucial… otherwise our security, the Fabulous Bakewell Boys, will drag ’em off stage!

MC Danimal (AKA The Beyoncé of Tech) is the Master of Ceremonies and, trust us, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly.


On Wednesday 13th September, The Tech Off crew will be at the Retail Week Tech Conference, where top retail tech speakers will battle it out to vision the future.

Get tickets for Tech. retail Week here!

If you use the code ‘TECHOFF15’, you’ll get a 15% discount!



and then on Thursday 14th September, they’re trekking down to the south coast for BrightonSEO where they’re inviting the 3,500 attendees of the conference to a Beach Fight on Thursday night at Concorde2 at 7:30 pm.

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