Countdown to MADE17

Countdown to MADE17

MC Danimal and DJ Beefcake are reluctantly leaving their palatial Shoreditch digs to travel north to attend the UK’s #1 entrepreneurial conference MADE17.

The theme of The Tech Off this time is ‘The Future of Work’.

As the Fabulous Bakewell Boys are otherwise engaged (babysitting the Queen’s corgis that afternoon) we’ve had to bring back fan-favourite Brexit Woman to keep everyone in line.

Four Great Speakers Plus One Wild Card!

Five tech geniuses will battle it to win a much-coveted ‘Belt of Tech’. YOU could be one of the five! If you’re attending the festival, you can volunteer to step into that all-important Wild Card spot and have a chance to take home the magnificent belt AND the colossal kudos of winning!

The four brave souls who are treading the boards on November 9th are:

Tanja Kuzman

Pennie Raven

Peter Johnson


Joe Pack

Tough competition, sure… but could you take ’em on? Come along, get your name in the ring, address 900 peers and WIN THAT BELT!

What is The Tech Off?

For those of you who are uninitiated, The Tech Off has been described as the love-child of TED Talks and WWE. Contestants have (strictly!) five minutes each to talk about exciting ideas and innovations in the world of tech and try to impress the baying crowd in order to win the night’s grand prize. The time-limit is crucial… otherwise Brexit Woman will drag ’em off stage!

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