5 reasons why you need a new website…Now!

5 reasons why you need a new website…Now!

1)    Mobile and tablet usage

Roughly 15% of global web traffic is now from a mobile phone. This equates to over 1.2 billion people accessing the web from their smart device.

By not investing in a mobile optimised, or better yet a responsive, website you are penalising 15% of your audience. And if you’re running an ecommerce site take note that those with a tablet spend on average 50% more than a desktop user.


Stats courtesy of Mobify

2)    Social engineering and social proof

Social validation has become a pinnacle part of a user’s journey when using any product or service. How many times have you checked Trip Advisor before going to a restaurant or hotel? Consider this for products with sites such as Reevoo dictating where you should spend your hard earned cash.

Now if your website isn’t taking into account social proof, such as client testimonials or product ratings, you’re missing out on a valuable sales tool – one that 70% of buyers consult before purchasing anything (see Launch Grow Joy).

3)    Learn from your audience

So your website has been ticking over for some time and offering a basic service online with no clear direction in the user’s key journey. Meanwhile, this website has been gathering valuable analytical data which can be used in your redesign to target the primary user objective. Making your site easier for users will not only increase service up take but will also decrease bounce rate – greatly increasing the amount of returning visitors.


4)    Optimisation for later browsers

Moore’s law dictates that hardware performance doubles every year and that this will continue for decades to come. The latest browsers not only allow you to be more creative with your website, they also allow you to hook into hardware acceleration, thus improving your websites performance for the majority of your audience.

What about ie7? At Techdept we practice graceful degradation. This means that not only do we support and utilise the newer tools for more advanced browsers but we also provide an enjoyable experience for the older ones. To add to our earlier mobile usage comparison this year ie7 usage has fallen below 0.5%.

5)    Reward your user

Gone are the days of expecting a repeat visit purely on merits. The internet audience of today want a reward from their experience and if they aren’t going to get one then they’ll leave.

The reward is usually the pursuit of information. However, in an ecommerce environment it could be a 20% voucher for a repeat purchase. Perhaps you need to engage your staff or a community?


Micro rewards such as badges or points can ensure a repeat visit and greater usage of your intranet or portal. You can see the effects of this by visiting our a4e superstars case study or reading more about our business gamification app.

So what are you waiting for?

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