A new arrival in our London office…an MD!

A new arrival in our London office…an MD!

Some big news to announce – we have a new Managing Director. Her name is Jess Rowley and she will be taking my role, as I move to the position of CEO.

Before starting with us, Jess was working as a Director at integrated agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB) in London’s Covent Garden, where she headed their social media and retail divisions. She will now be based from our new and expanded office in Farringdon.

Jessica Rowley

Jess is a ball of positive energy who’s always thinking about new ways to enhance a client offering. She’s smart, down to earth and great fun – like everyone else in our team. She also originally hails from Sheffield, a nice connection to our northern roots (ironically, this isn’t how we met!).

We’ve actually worked with Jess for over 4 years, helping her grow a business – Neon – which was acquired by BMB in 2011 – by working as their ‘tech department’.

Bringing Jess on board is part of an ambitious plan to fuel our future growth and facilitate innovation. It’s the next phase of our journey.

Since we started nearly 10 years ago in Sheffield, we’ve always had a connection into London. I came on full time as Managing Director in 2009 and this connection has only grown.

We’ve had a staffed office and apartment there since 2011, and I spend between 2 and 3 days a week in London, as does Deputy MD Jack, and my co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Rick. London currently makes up over 70% of our income.

In my new CEO role I will oversee a strategy of leveraging our IP and entrepreneurial experience (such as with the launch of Tidybrand). I will also be focusing on the implementation of our Open Business System.

The role of technology in the modern world creates a great challenge for everyone. Creativity and business is driven by technological innovation, and without a deep understanding of how it all works you can’t robustly deliver it. As a result, we think that everyone now needs a Tech Department – creative vision and engineering insight is a powerful mix.

We’re very much inspired by companies like Basecamp-creators 37 Signals or Silicon Valley’s Zurb, and see ourselves as part of this tradition.

So, as they say, exciting times.

Better watch this space – we’re heading onwards and upwards!

Dan Kirby
Co-founder and CEO

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