Less is more

Less is more

I recently saw an interesting animated GIF (I can’t believe I’m saying that) which simply showed how removing a few elements from a graph actually makes it more readable (have a look here).

This got me thinking…As designers we often have a tendency to over do something. To give it that extra detail that it may not necessarily need but – arguably – looks better.


A recent learning experience for me was to remove these unneeded elements from a design and test it. Strangely enough the results were positive and we applied this approach to the Techdept website.

The challenge is getting the balance between functionality and form. If you remove too much you end up with a flat design with no key visual hierarchy, thus negatively impacting the user experience. Unfortunately, with the influx of flat designs (many inspired by an iOS7 era), there are a few that fall into this category.

I would also argue that the same could be said for copy writing. If ‘content is king’ in the world of the web then overwhelming the user with useless SEO keywords is a step back. Yes, it’s great for Google, Bing and such, but if you’re losing visitors as soon as they hit the website from your well ranked position then it’s a lost cause.

What are your thoughts?

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