Markerless motion capture with Faceshift

Markerless motion capture with Faceshift

What is faceshift?

Faceshift is a piece of software that manages facial expressions, head orientation and eye movements. This can then be mapped onto a three dimensional model. This bit of technology has endless opportunities including potential to be used in art installations and of course gaming. Companies such as Intel are already using the SDK integrating the technology with their 3D cameras for the ultimate selfie experience.

I tried the free trial of this demo and was amazed by its ease of use, accuracy and response time. Using the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect and the relevant drivers I was quickly able to map my face onto a Pug, an Orc and a model that can only be described as Moby’s Doppelganger.

One can see the potential to use Faceshift with WebGL using libraries such as Three.js to provide a web based experience without the need for any downloadable software – making it more accessible to the a wider audience.

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