Say what?! Our crazy tech roundup from CES

Say what?! Our crazy tech roundup from CES

CES is THE global hub of activity for consumer tech innovation – and has been for 40 years. Each year reports come from the bright lights of Las Vegas on the latest and greatest newfangled thingymajigs that will be on your future birthday wish list. They claim it’s where ‘innovation does business’.

We’ve been keeping close tabs on what was being said amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas….so why not get stuck into our roundup of the craziest tech to feature at CES this year?

Smartwatch calls driverless car to the stage

That’s right; Audi and LG have collaborated to build a smartwatch that can control a car! Like a Germanic Q from James Bond, Audi’s head of R&D fired up the engine of the driverless Audi Q7 and called it onto the stage with just a quick tap of the watch.

Audi uses NFC (near-field communication) to establish a link with the car – similar to secure mobile payments. The watch could – in theory – be used to unlock and start the car, adjust climate control or change the stereo.

The fridge as smart as you make it

FirstBuild, a new global co-creation community has developed its first ever product – ChillHub.

ChillHub, is basically a connected fridge. It combines wifi connectivity, Bluetooth and USB to host a range of flexible hardware and applications, that combined have created this brand new smart fridge.

With open source code featuring in GitHub already, the ChillHub open development platform means that tinkerers and developers can really get their hands dirty.

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Milky Weigh’ the first ChillHub application, is a mobile measuring system that can tell you exactly how much milk you have left in the fridge – you’ll never have to ring ahead again to see whether you need to pick some milk up on your way home.

This phone charger’s a game changer

BBC Technology reporter Leo Kelion Tweeted from CES – “I’ve just witnessed what feels like a modern-day miracle”.

What he’s just witnessed is a Samsung phone charge faster than a kettle takes to boil. The product is by Israeli technology company, Storedot. The startup claims they are the missing link in the way we use smartphones, tablets and wearables – a product that can charge our devices over 100 times faster than anything currently available is truly revolutionary.

This is a great example of technological advancements of the digital “3rd Industrial Revolution” – which relies on quick power. Imagine the possibilities of using this technology to charge the batteries on an electric car or boat.

Pimp my ride

Here’s a really interesting product. Connected Cycle found that only 5% of stolen bikes are returned to their owner, so they decided to create this incredible product; a GPS enabled pedal.

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The pedals connect with your smartphone to track every movement of your pride and joy. The pedal records speed, distance, incline and calories, sending the data to the Connected Cycle smartphone app. Okay, so why is this any different to commonly used fitness apps such as Strava or Runkeeper?

Where the Connected Cycle pedals really come into their own is as an anti-theft device. Users receive a notification whenever their bike moves, with a map to track its location, allowing you to chase down any miscreant who has made off with your ride.

3D printing mania

Some of the stuff 3D printed at CES this year was crazy. Sure, 3D printing is moving on at a rapid rate of knots, but the dexterity in which the printers have produced items this year are mind blowing.

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XYZ printing showed off their culinary skills with a microwave like 3D printer. Oddly coloured Dinosaur shaped treats were in abundance. The printer squirts dough into pre-programmed shapes, which you then place in the oven before chowing down on a futuristic treat.

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3D Systems build band of the future? That’s right, there were 3D printed guitars, drum kit and a bass.

How about a new set of 3D printed threads? Nervous Systems created this amazing black dress from 2,279 unique individual triangles.

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The world’s first truly wireless earbuds

Welcome to the touch enabled Bragi Dash Wireless Headphones – this is some secret agent type wizardry that we’ve just simply got to get our hands on.

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I think the animated GIF below shows just how cool these ear buds could be.


The Dash crams in a heart rate monitor, step tracker and an MP3 player into a tiny waterproof package. Bragi claim they will surpass our expectations. Will they be the cans of the future?

Lord of the rings

“One Gesture, One Magic”

Users of the Ring are given the ability to operate appliances within the home by waving their finger in the air, representing an efficient way of connecting smart home technology. Plus, we obviously can’t ignore the opportunity to become a real life Gandalf! (or Bilbo? Gollum?!)

The video below explains how the ring actually works. Imagine being able to turn music on and switch between tracks with just the flick of your finger, even have the ability to operate electronic curtains by directing them across your windows.

Keep those monsters away

This revolutionary bed knows when your children are sleeping and when they are awake. The beds designer, SleepIQ, say the bed monitors a range of metrics whilst your child sleeps to determine whether stress or other factors are affecting their ability to rest.

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The bed is even designed to adapt to kids, as they get older. Once they get to the age of 10, they’ll be able to monitor their own progress to find whether diet, stress or other relating factors are leading to sleep deprivation.

Apart from being able to track the child’s heart rate throughout the night, its also interactive – when linked to an Android app, the parent can see whether their child is in or out of bed, it will tilt when kids want to read and it has built in lighting in case the child wants to read.

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Robotic arms plays beer pong

Okay, so the possibility that robots could eventually do everything better than us has just taken another step forwards!

This robotic arm smashes it in a game of beer pong!

This creation by Empire Robotics was designed to show off the “soft” technology of their products. What I found so interesting about the video is the fact the robot very rarely shot from the same place twice, finding new angles to hit the middle of each cup.

Intelligent skateboards

So is this how the next Tony Hawk will learn to skate in the 3rd Industrial Revolution? Okay, so maybe not but they are damn cool.

Apparently the exhibition halls at CES this year were full of people gliding about on the aptly named ‘IO HAWK’ – the skateboards which can travel at 6.2 mph. are powered by batteries and moves in response to pressure from your feet.

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Until next year…

Well folks, that’s it for our roundup of the craziest tech from CES this year.

2015 certainly is going to be exciting – will it be the year that smart technology finally finds its way into the home of the everyday consumer?

Have you had the opportunity to play about with any of the technology featured in this post?

Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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