Our Open Business: The Techdept culture book

Our Open Business: The Techdept culture book

It’s become quite vogueish in the tech world to publish a culture book. It’s increasingly recognised as an important part of the mix when starting up and building a business, espoused by business leaders like Zappos’ Tony Hsieh.

It’s something we’ve been working on – hard – at Techdept for the last four years or more. We realised early on that our culture was a sustainable competitive advantage: our secret sauce! Someone could set up down the road, call themselves Tech Depot, and employ some developers. But they wouldn’t be Techdept.

techdept culture book

It’s helped us hire the right people, glues us together in tough times, and papers over any cracks in our systems. We’ve created a common framework not only for what we do, but how we do it. Oh, and it isn’t just a case of going out for a few drinks every now and then (though we do like that!).

Our aim is to be as open as possible in the way we operate. We genuinely want all our team – from the intern to the MD – to be able to put their hand up and be heard. It is only through being open to new ideas, ways of seeing, and of thinking, that we will be able to thrive.

We believe that a modern business leader should create a platform for their team, lead by example and create a working culture and vision that’s worth fighting for. Then our team can put their eyes on the horizon, and achieve our goals as a shared effort – having some fun along the way.

And while we’re not quite a ‘manager–less’ business, we have adapted concepts like Holocracy to better fit our small growing business, as well as stealing other concepts like “Flow”, “Intrinsic Motivation”, and strengths based management.

Anyway, have a read, see what you think – this is 100% as it comes if you worked here. Hopefully it will help you grow your business too.

Dan Kirby & Rick Grundy

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