Announcing The Marketing Technology Association

Announcing The Marketing Technology Association

The coming together of Marketing and IT is something that we have been focused on for many years at Techdept. It’s what we do.

And now this is being recognised by more and more companies as ‘a thing’ they should focus on. Many brands are re-engineering their structures to create a new role: the marketing technologist.
But this trend is more than a mere trend. It’s a fundamental shift in how the world works, and will impact every aspect of our lives. So what skills do you need if marketing becomes indistinguishable from technology?

We’ve blogged on these issues here, here, here, here,
and (most successfully) here.

So that’s why it made sense for us to get involved as founders of The Marketing Technology Association (the MTA). We’ve joined an illustrious group of leading brand marketers, designers, artists, technologists and data experts.

The Marketing Technology Association

Our mission is “to help people understand how the convergence of marketing and technology can better build their brands.

For the full low down read the MTA launch blog post here.

And then sign up on the web site – we’re about to hold a Summer Party, which you don’t want to miss.

And if you’re interested in marketing technology, check out this list of events.

Forward to the future!

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