Our tech insights – June

Our tech insights – June

We have some great news to share with you this month!

We were at the Cannes Lions Festival, the global celebration of creative advertising where we we saw our work on Monty’s Magical Toy Machine be a key reason the campaign won both Gold and Bronze Lions! A great achievement for all that were involved, and we are thrilled.

Our primary reason for being there was to take Creatives vs Coders: The Tech Off! to the stage. It was a storming success and we attracted the largest audience on the Experience stage all week. See the footage.

We have our usual selection of interesting reading and R&D pieces from the past month for you to check out, including quotes from our CEO Dan Kirby in both The Telegraph and awesome blog Minute Hack!

And finally, we turned 11 this month!

More on this in our June tech insights.

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