Behind the scenes of Monty at Martech Europe

Behind the scenes of Monty at Martech Europe

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We were proud to have been invited to speak at the first Martech Europe conference in London, talking about our innovative work on Monty’s Magical Toy Machine.

We wanted to give attendees a ‘warts and all’ look behind the curtain, to share the lessons we learnt on this – and other – innovation projects: our “5 Steps To Innovation Success”. We created a ‘collaborative’ talk, to reflect the collaborative nature of the project, featuring our CEO Dan Kirby, CTO Rick Grundy and AOL’s Creative Technologist Arthur Tindsley. It was Arthur who helped create the initial concept for Monty’s Magical Toy Machine, and Rick that was the brains behind that vision becoming a reality.

With over 350 people in attendance the talk seemed to go down very well despite Dan saying that they were the “One Direction of marketing technology” (!). Their slides had over 1100 views within the first day of publication, more than double any other speaker:

Innovation in Action: 5 Lessons From Monty’s Magical Toy Machine from MarTech Conference

We are planning a blog write-up of the talk, so watch this space. In the meantime why not read our case study.

The conference was fascinating, with many many great talks – all about the emerging industry of marketing technology. The organiser of the event – Scott Brinker – writes a ‘must-read’ blog, Chief Martec and hosted the event in Boston and San Francisco in the last 12 months.

Read Scott’s summary of the key insights from the event here, a long post but definitely worth the read.

And all the speaker slides are here.

Thanks again to Scott and his team for the invite and for looking after us in such fine style. Here’s to 2016!

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