The Tech Off! @ OMD Innovation Week

The Tech Off! @ OMD Innovation Week

The Tech Off at OMD

So we were invited to take our creative tech smackdown into central London’s adland, mixing it up with mad-style-media-agency OMD. The reason? They were hosting their Innovation Week, an epic exploration of all things new.

Arriving like a group of day-release delinquents into their swish office reception we were proud to be the last event of the Thursday. Some bantamweight entertainment for the team as they finished their day.

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And what an event! We had a free bar, smoke machine, lasers, DJ Beefcake, and line up of amazing creative-tech-heads to wow our crowd.

They included:

Toby “The Terrible” Gunton

toby gunton

The organiser of Innovation Week, and OMD’s Head of Innovation, Toby kicked things off with a call to fail. You can’t create something new if you don’t tread new ground, so feel the fear – and do it anyway!!

Ann “Give A Shit” Wixley

ann wixley

A second-time contender, Ann is OMD’s Creative Director and she lay down a gauntlet to us all, before challenging her fellow contestants – do people give a shit about your ideas? If not – then GET OUT OF THE RING!

Ian “Hammer” Hambleton

Creative entrepreneur Ian is the MD of Output Group, and argued that digital is over – we are all digital in everything we do. We played a round of ‘shit or good’ on some different creative tech project. The lesson? Keep it human.

Chris Lewis-Jones

chris lewis jones

Who likes buzzwords? Marketers! So Chris lampooned the industry with some well targeted observations. We want CONTENT that ENGAGES and DISRUPTS! Or maybe not…

Ugo “Eco” Vallauri

ugo Vallauri

Taking us on a personal journey, starting in Africa where Ugo managed to recondition his precious headphones with little more than a toothpick. This opens his eyes to our wasteful relationship with tech, and how we can save oodles of resources in the process. His social enterprise The Restart Project teaches people to get a better relationship with their tech

“Rumblin” Rick Grundy

Our very own CTO Rick took us into a world where tech is invisible, and creates a sense of magic and wonder. When the tech is hidden, and the idea creates a sense of joy!

Wild Card

Our traditional Wild Card slot met with some reticence so we picked someone from the crowd (victim’s name unknown), who gamely entered the arena. “How about all those social network features we used to use? Weren’t they redundant, amirite?!” We wooped!

the tech off at omd

After carefully unveiling our new improved Tech-ometer app (now with Wifi Signal Boosting feature), we tasked the audience to choose our winner. Everyone did very well, apart from Rick who scored a rather paltry “1”. But there can only be ONE winner at The Tech Off, who was….UGO!

omd winner

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