Our tech insights – Feb

Our tech insights – Feb

Grab yourself a cuppa, we’ve got some exciting things to share with you this month…

We are very happy to be launching ‘The 14 day Marketing Tech MBA’ next month – an email course where we share ways to approach the brave new world of martech.

The Tech Off! went down a treat in Shoreditch – our first Valentines tech-love special! Our winner Vijay Patel snatched the belt with his talk on ‘Enabling The Future’ – A community of makers, engineers, designers, artists & kids building free open source 3D printed postetic hands for those in need.

Our founders Rick & Dan are going to DMX Dublin to to speak live about Innovation in Action, and our MD Jess Rowley is off to SxSW – keep an eye out for her Tweets and updates from us!

We have our usual selection of current reading and interesting R&D, includingThe six Rs behind successful innovation’, and a billboard can tell you if you’re running a fever.

Also, The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) placed us within the Top 100 agencies in the UK!

All this and more in our tech insights February.

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