The Tech Off: Tech Lover’s Nite!

The Tech Off: Tech Lover’s Nite!

 The Tech Off: Tech Lovers Nite

We REALLY love technology at The Tech Off, so Valentine’s week is an important date in our diary. That’s when we cradle our devices and whisper sweet nothings to Siri (or Cortana).

So Thursday February 11th was chosen for The Tech Off: Tech Lover’s Nite! This would be the date to demonstrate our lifetime commitment to creative tech. The venue – deepest darkest Shoreditch, the home of the internet.

Colin Lewis

Our sexy security was BACK in the comely form of The Fabulous Bakewell Boys. They frisked people thoroughly before seducing them to sampling the free bar. The crowd throbbed to the sounds of DJ Beefcake before Techdept co-founder Rick Grundy took to the stage and introduced the night’s proceedings. And what a night!

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We had 7 scheduled speakers (each awesome) and 1 Wild Card who bravely stepped into the arena on the night, with no preparation:

Karen “Killer” Boswell Digital Lead @ adam&eveDDB

Karen Boswell

Brian “Your Momma” Macreadie Head of Brand & Sector Marketing @ BLP

Brian Macreadie

Tracey “Seafarer” Shirtcliff Tech Entrepreneur & Investor @ The Virtu Group

Tracey Shirtcliff

Vijay “The Powerhouse” Patel VP – Director of Social Media & Interactive @ Jack Morton Worldwide

Vijay Patel

Colin “Champ” Lewis Marketing Director @ BMI

Colin Lewis

Merici “Cat” Vinton co-founder @ Ada’s List

Merici Vinton

Michael “The Man” Setton founder @ Invireo

Michael Setton

Wild Card – “Angry” Angus Norriss Digital Director @ Jack Morton Worldwide

Angus Norris


During our half time break we were treated to a glorious performance from The Fabulous Bakewell Boys. However their interpretive dance number was unfortunately cut short by the entirely accidental body-slamming of one of the Boys.

In a new twist we had a Lucky Dip competition to win the chance to present the Belt Of Technological Glory And Everlasting Digital Love. Our winner was .

Jessie Driscoll

As the night progressed, and our final speaker left the stage, it was Time To Decide The New Champion….which we did using the scientifically unimpeachable Tech-ometer Connected Device Audio Application.

The crowd roared their approval of each speaker, but no roar was louder than that for “The Powerhouse” – with Vijay Patel achieving a top score of 11!

Tech Lovers Nite

As the confetti cannon climaxed over the expectant faces of our crowd, the longing sounds of George Michael’s Careless Whisper took our – by now – erotically charged audience into fits of ecstatic dancing.

Remember there is no greater aphrodisiac than creative tech – so lay back, think of England and sign up for The Tech Off!

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