The Tech Off @ Raveolution: CX Factor!

The Tech Off @ Raveolution: CX Factor!

The Tech Off CX Factor

Brrrrrrring. Brrrrrrrring. The finger-print stained phone buzzed like an angry mantis. Techdept CEO Dan Kirby (AKA The Beyonce Of Tech™) startled from an afternoon slumber. His stained fist snaked from the purple-pleather La-Z-Boy, lifting the sticky receiver…


And so The Tech Off, our regular event (dubbed “the Lovechild of TED Talks and WWE wrestling”) was welcomed to the sparkling roster at Rant & Rave’s Customer Experience Raveolution 2016. This annual event attracts a diverse range of over 300 senior marketers and business people, all keen to learn how to better serve their customers.

The CX Factor

To slake the thirst of this illustrious audience, we chose a theme which is the hottest of hot topics in modern business – customer experience. We wanted to give the crowd a glimpse of the future of CX.

We challenged our speakers to win “CX Factor”!

TTO CX Factor

About The Tech Off

We have some simple, but extremely important rules at The Tech Off…our 3 contestants have strictly 5 minutes each to persuade the crowd that THEY deserve to win The Tech Off Winner’s Belt.

The crowd chooses the winner via our unique connected device app The Techometer™. And when we say 5 minutes we mean it, when the bell rings out our security detail, The Fabulous Bakewell Boys, are on the way to kick you off stage…



Grimace….then Post!

Before kick-off we encouraged the crowd to give us their best wrestling-grimace faces. The best on Twitter would win one of our coveted Golden Fists™ and a Smack Talk T Shirt™.

the tech off golden glove

The winners were really quite something!

the tech off winner
the tech off winner
the tech off winner

Our speakers

After the audience got into the swing of things, we invited our 3 heavyweight speakers to the stage, one by one. Like all of our events, speaking is a career threatening risk….

ben salmon

First up was tech entrepreneur Ben Salmon from Crank, who implored us to not mess things up online. Give us the information we’ve already shown we want! So if I’ve visited Sky Sports’ web site and looked at Boxing for the entire session, don’t show me Football on the second visit…

Surely if we can fix this, we own the future of CX?


karen boswell

Second up was Karen Boswell from adam&eveDDB, who took us on a journey from the earliest days of virtual reality, some 100 years ago. She soon went into the future of augmented reality – demonstrating the incredible Microsoft Hololens.

Imagine a world where we can augment the CX to create incredible enhanced experiences…


rick grundy

Last but not least was Techdept CTO Rick Grundy, who showed how your customer’s experience will be mediated by….Bots. Software will be the interface to your customers, and your customers to you, driven by Artificial Intelligence. How do you improve your CX when you’re talking to a machine?

But Rick made a Rookie mistake. By talking too much at the start, he took his eye off the clock. The bell rang, yet he still had several slides to go! With a look of deserved panic in his eyes, Rick shrank in size as the Fabulous Bakewell Boys charged on stage, grabbing the mic with a muscled flourish…

There was no pity: HE KNEW THE RULES!!!


Who would win?!

As we stumbled into the intense climax of our 30 minute show, The Techometer™ was unveiled to barely audible gasps from the crowd. Using audio-phonic wave detection software integrated into MC Danimal we soon chose the winner….

…which was Karen!

karen boswell

A deserved winner, Karen sported the Belt with sass to the roaring crowd and the sounds of Eye Of The Tiger. The boys shuffled awkwardly, their crests fallen, vowing and plotting revenge oh so cold and sweet.

All in all a cracking fun time – MASSIVE thanks to our friends at Rant & Rave for giving us the chance to lower the tone of their event!

Get involved!

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We have 3 events planned in London next year, two in Dublin, one in Brighton and one in Texas! Plus some other exciting plans, so watch this space!!



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