3 quotes from Tools of Titans I put on the wall

3 quotes from Tools of Titans I put on the wall

I’m not going to explain who Tim Ferriss is. He’s got a new book out. It’s gold. Buy it now.

Tim Ferriss doing some journalling

It’s a brick of a book, and I’m only dipping in and out when I find the time. But despite my lack of linear reading I’ve gleaned many many gems of advice. There are three quotes in particular that I have had to write up, print off & stick on the wall.

Here they are:

“slow is smooth, smooth is fast”
This is (apparently) a saying in the US Special Forces. It has struck a nerve here. A mantra for a tech build if ever we heard one.

“what would this look like if it was easy?”
This is a phrase that Ferriss says to himself if things are getting complicated and expensive. We relate to this because as soon as a techie gets their hands on a job they try and use the latest tech and do clever things (that no-one has asked for). Sometimes less is more.

“discipline = freedom”
It’s pretty obvious Ferriss has a man-crush on man-mountain Jocko Willink.nd we can talk cos we’ve adopted the name of Willink’s book (“Extreme Ownership“) as one of our ‘tech special ops’ mindsets! Anyway, this quote is about creating greater space to do things, by being ‘on it’. I’ve applied this to getting up earlier in the morning and am now fitter, with more energy, as a result. This helps me 10x Techdept.

Hope you find these as useful as we do!

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