Our Wellbeing Plan

Our Wellbeing Plan

January 2017 saw us launch our company Wellbeing Plan. In previous posts you may have read about our ambitious Vision, our Massive Transformative Purpose, and our Tech Special Ops Team operating method. But the thing that makes all this work? A great team.

Down the pub with the team

So it makes tough commercial sense to have a strategy to support the team. This is a group of people we ask to perform at a world class level. So their support should be world class too. We implemented a share option scheme last year, and are based in the excellent Electric Works building, which contains Europe’s biggest helter skelter! We have an ongoing investment plan for equipment and office infrastructure.

The Wellbeing plan breaks down into the following:

“Work Hard, Go Home, Switch Off”
We ask our team to work from 9am – 5.30pm > then recuperate. Don’t be checking emails or Slack. Don’t thin slice your energy & focus. Take your lunch hour.

We aim to have no work required out of hours. But be aware we may need to put extra hours in, as we’re a service business. So pick your battles.

We have free tea & high quality coffee (we like our coffee!). There are water jugs on every desk cluster.

Christmas walk at Chatsworth House!

On Monday afternoon we have ‘office antipasti’ – a snack to ease us back into the week. A fruit bowl on every desk cluster is filled on Monday too.

On Friday we have beers at close of play.

Work Out & Eat” Policy
If our team works out twice a week (this does NOT include walking to work from up the road!) they get free breakfast & lunch on a Friday.

Ineligible sports activity

We have a monthly Bacon Sandwich Friday (this was the most popular suggestion in our anonymous feedback app Tinypulse – go figure!)

A monthly Team Meeting is held over a lunch. We share positive things that have happened that month and have a chat together. We then go out for an early dinner – 6.30pm – straight after work.

We aim to do a “bigger activity” such as Bowling or escaping from a locked room or going out on the razz.

We pay for a Headspace app subscription for anyone that wants it. And have a cracking Xmas party!

Ad hoc
If pulling a “Latey” we have a budget for getting some food and drinks in.

Hats and that

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