Why we’re building an *offline* community

Why we’re building an *offline* community

Humans are social animals. We want family, team, community. Social media is great, but it isn’t ‘real’. Human interaction is fundamentally different when you can look in eyes, read body language.

This came home to me at our last event in London, when a number of people each said a version of: “everyone is so nice here, so open and interesting.”

The Tech Off crowd

In the last two and a half years we have – unwittingly – built a community of people with the same mindset around our event series The Tech Off. People who are positive, fun, interesting….and interested. These people come together learn, share…and laugh.

Our Community Strategy
In Thomas Friedman’s new book Thank You For Being Late” he argues that community is the best way to deal with the scope of change that society is witnessing (government is too slow, family is too small).

Listen to this podcast from 35m 50s. Money quote:

“Everything that is important today is all the stuff you can’t download.
Uploading the old fashioned way…one human being to another”

We need to be around people. It’s deep in our monkey mind. This is particularly true when exploring new territory. In a digitally-disrupting world, this is an issue we all face.

transparency Techdept

We all benefit from an increased confidence to open up and share our fears, thoughts, hopes. However vulnerable they make us feel. “Soft” skills to get “hard-nosed” results. An asset we can all leverage in both our careers and companies.

This is why in 2017 we are launching our Community Strategy.

Our plan is to intentionally nurture a community for long-term, inter-dependant value creation. Our company vision is 10x growth, and this provides 10x support.

The Tools To Build Community
Our plan has three parts:

  1. Bootcamp Circles
    Our company is focused exclusively on creating continuous improvement using technology. We run ‘Bootcamps’ rather than ‘projects’, because at the end of a Bootcamp you see results.

    To build on this improvement focus, we will be inviting our clients, business partners and select peers to ‘Bootcamp Circles™’. These are half-day open innovation sessions starting at breakfast time and held Quarterly.

    Dan Kirby Techdept

    In these ‘Chatham House Rules’ sessions, you will hear a keynote speaker talk for 10 minutes, go through a Positive Focus exercise and then table topics for open discussion in breakout groups. Findings are shared with the group.All our clients now have to complete an Innovator Mindset Scorecard (so we can carefully curate who we work with) and will attend these sessions.

  2. The Tech Off
    Our event series is going great guns. We’ve got three London events in 2017: April 19, Sept 27, Nov 15. We’re now co-producing London events with Glug Events – we had 650 people at the last one! – so we’ve beefed up the team. We’re also hosting them in Leeds, Brighton, Dublin and Austin Texas (and have open invites to Amsterdam & Berlin).

    A “Video Showdown” YouTube competition will be launched in March. The winners of the competition will be flown to London to compete on stage.Tech Off : Video Showdown

    So get involved and see what all the fuss is about! You’ll learn stuff, be appalled/entertained and laugh out loud with likeminded people.Clients get VIP invites to The Tech Off London (which means no queuing and free beer)!

    Here’s a full list of The Tech Off’s 2017 events & dates.


  3. Tech Special Ops Partners
    We call ourselves a ‘tech special ops’ team because we’re rapid response, multi-disciplinary and focused on results. This is not just some marketing tagline. It’s a comprehensive operating model that we know is a better way of doing digital. For a full understanding of what makes a Tech Special Ops Team – and the tools you need to make one – read this post. 

    Tech Special Ops Training
    Our growth strategy is to identify possible partners – consultants, designers, development teams, specialist technologists – that could work with us on projects. We ask they share our Mindsets, help us refine our Habits, and work to our Standards. This is what underpins our promise to clients.Our Tech Special Ops Partners will be invited to Bootcamp Circles™.

A future of abundance
Our vision is for 10x growth in the next 25 years; in Time (we want to work less); Money (we want to be paid well for our unique skillset); People (we only want to work with people that make us feel inspired and energised); and ‘Good’ (the quality and purpose of our work).

The Community Strategy is a fundamental of this plan, as it builds a group of people around our company who will both share and learn. Be interested and interesting. Contribute and take.

Techdept collaborative culture

This is a win-win. We’ll all get growing value in multiple forms. This will be immediately apparent if you too have the innovator mindset. By working together we create a future of abundance of opportunity. This is distinct to a scarcity mindset where we all fight it out over shrinking resources.

If that sounds good, why not join us on the journey? It’ll be a lot of fun too!


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