The “One Single Question” that will transform your tech.

The “One Single Question” that will transform your tech.

So you’re doing a digital project. It’s all kicking off. You’ve got the techies in. The designers. The MD’s signed it off. You’re ready to rock! But there’s a problem. What’s your purpose?

It’s all so easy to get swept away with shiny new tech: just think of all that cool stuff it can do! But why you are doing it in the first place? There is a real risk that after your digital gets done, it doesn’t do what you need it to. The tail wags the dog.

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Who actually wants to hire us?
What’s more, like hiring someone to do your tax return or clean your carpet, no-one wants to spend money on new tech.

We’d all prefer that the old way would Just Work, and save us the bother.

Who actually WANTS to digitally transform their company? It’s a massive pain in the backside. We’ve all got sales targets to hit, teams to motivate, customers to delight. And a family at home you’d like to see. Complex technology change gets in the way of that.


Finding your purpose
That’s why it’s important to find the purpose of your digital project. Without it you lose sight, or indeed never find, the real goals. The goals that will transform your business, your customers, your team, your career.

Admittedly your digital brief may have objectives and KPI’s. But often we find that as long as the Google Analytics graph is going up and to the right then it’s all gravy. But this just isn’t enough. Without a purpose your work is likely to look great and do what you (now) want, but ultimately be a disappointment.

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The “One Single Question”
But how to find your purpose: because the process can be time consuming and costly. Who wants to spend money for some be-suited consultant to tell you what you already knew?

We’ve got a fix for that.

Imagine if you could ask one single question and get to the heart of your digital transformation plan? And the benefits to your customer? And the impact on your working processes?

Well, here it is:

“If we met again in 18 months time, looking back, what improvements do you want to see for your company, customers and staff?”

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Take 10 minutes now and reflect on this question.

Ask it as a ‘blue sky’ provocation to imagine the future, or of a specific project or piece of software.

Take yourself into the future, look back and see what needs to happen for your company, customers and staff.

The things you imagine are the things you need to focus on in your digital strategy, or tech project. It’s as simple as that. Write it down, embed it in your thinking from the start, and then measure whether it worked.

Sure, test the answers. Get people’s opinion. Do more in depth research, consultancy or strategic development. But this One Single Question will (within 30 minutes of focused brainstorming) get you nearer to an ROI than a few hundred K spent with a brand name consultant.

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Rapid response, inter-disciplinary, focused on results
We know that this question is right because it comes from our direct hands on experience over 13 years of making tech. We have made our own digital products, invested in tech startups and made custom tech for clients like Microsoft, NBC Universal and World Wildlife Fund.

This isn’t theory, it’s reverse-engineered practice. We know it works.

We operate as a tech special ops team which can do things that others simply can’t. We’re consultants that code. Creatives that use the scientific method. A diverse set of skills applied in tight teams to create rapid change. We learn by doing.

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Anyone can create a tech special ops team. We aren’t unique, but we have been at the forefront of this new way of doing digital. The key is to be rapid response, inter-disciplinary, and focused on results. Learn how.

The One Single Question gets you to your purpose quickly and with the minimum fuss. This means that your tech special ops team can be even more quickly deployed, and prove the ROI.

Why not get started today?

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