The Tech Off at DMX Dublin

The Tech Off at DMX Dublin

On March 8th, 2017, The Tech Off crew paid a fleeting (but memorable) visit to Ireland’s #1 Marketing event – DMX Dublin.

MC Danimal and the Fabulous Bakewell Boys took full control of the crowd and each contender kicked serious arse… but there could only be one winner!

Check out the pics!

Whilst all other attendees were branded with their yellow lanyards, MC Danimal brought his own bling to to the show.

Instantly winning over the crowd with his bolshy banter, our host presided over the contest.

The security team, The Fabulous Bakewell Boys, showed off their muscle by lifting the weighty prize (between them… bless)

Some guy said some stuff…

“The Beyonce of Tech” roused the audience…

…but it’s the lavish industrial-strength techometer that actually chooses the winner by measuring the audience’s reaction.

Vincent Haywood¬†won…

And this guy got a headlock

MC Danimal celebrates a job well done.


DMX Dublin is an annual Marketing Institute event that champions all things within the realms of digital, media, marketing and design. Successful market leaders, agencies, start-ups and advertisers attend from all over the globe to share ideas and learn from each other.



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