For the love of Snapchat!

For the love of Snapchat!

This week, we’ve had a student from Lady Manners School visiting as part of his work experience. His name is Jamie Woolford and he’s our guest blog writer! Take it away Jamie!

My name is Jamie I am 14 years old and I am doing work experience at the Techdept. I have been given the challenge to write a blog post for them on social media, the social media that I use are Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and sometimes Twitter. I find that my favourite social media is probably Snapchat although I do use Instagram and Facebook quite a bit. I feel like Snapchat is the lifeblood of social media because now Instagram and Facebook are slowly catching on to the idea that stories are a good way to promote and gain popularity for the programme.

Snapchat is my favourite because I can chat to my friends quickly and easily with no effort, you can also find out what other people are doing from their Snapchat stories. On the right is the Snapchat user interface where you can take photos or videos and do many other things. On Snapchat, you can get things called streaks this is where you Snapchat someone daily and you get a number by their name depending on how many days you have kept the streak for.

Snapchat have recently updated and released a new feature which is called the Snapchat map this allows users to see where there Snapchat friends are in the world. Some people have seen this as a bad move because many people would not want people knowing where they are, although you can turn on ghost mode which means that no one can see where you are. Luckily none of my parents or relatives have Snapchat so can’t see my stories or where I am! Snapchat has a feature where if you go onto the camera and tap the screen funny filters come up that you can use like this, there are many more but here are a few of my personal favourites.




Instagram is probably my second favourite social media because you can share posts with your followers, you can also like and comment on other people’s posts. There is a direct message feature where you can talk to your friends as I was saying earlier Instagram have implemented stories which is kind of a copy of Snapchat but they don’t seem to mind. Instagram has many features like on your own profile you can customise what it looks like so your profile picture or bio. You can decide whether you want your profile to be private or not this means that people can only follow you with your permission if you aren’t private then they are free to follow you if they want without your permission.

Facebook is very big in the social media world and there were 2 billion monthly active users as of June 2017, that’s more than a quarter of the population of the world! Facebook is popular because it is simple to use and you can watch videos, read posts and look at pictures from other people Facebook messenger is also very popular, it is a messaging platform made and owned by Facebook. Many members of my family have Facebook so I have to be careful what I share!

By Jamie Woolford

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