How to unlock your future: measure your mindset

How to unlock your future: measure your mindset

We can predict your future: it’s whatever you do now, but with more technology. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, a builder or a business leader. Your future has much more digital in it.

But if you’re not ‘into’ digital and new technology this future is daunting. Just how do you make your company (and your career) a systematic success? Should you learn to code? Hire a bunch of creative technologists? Make friends with tech startups?

You could do that, but in 15 years of making new tech we’ve learnt that there’s something far simpler, far more effective, and far more fundamental. Your mindset.

Measure your potential

We have developed a simple way to measure if you have the right mindset for digital success. It’s what we call The Innovator Mindset, and we’ve turned it into a Quiz which should take you less than 15 minutes.

Think of it a Myers-Briggs test for tech innovation.

But the big difference is that this test generates results you can intentionally and actively improve, refine and grow. It’s not a fixed point, it’s a check-point to your future.

Measure your mindset now.


Why ‘mindset’?

While we can predict your future (technology!) we can’t predict exactly how it will impact you, or when. No-one can. And that’s the problem.

The ability to systematically deal with digital disruption isn’t a capability you can learn at night school or a weekend away. Change is the day to day substance of the modern world. It’s an ultra-marathon not a sprint.

The key is how you adapt and respond to future challenges, more and more of which will be defined by technology. Who are the people around you who can give advice? What is your approach to experimentation? To failure?

Mindset allows you to roll with the punches, to see opportunity where others see complexity, to see hope where you experienced fear.

This can seem daunting and (trust me) we all feel the fear of the unknown, the expanse of future ahead of us. It’s instinctive to retreat, but staying the same is bad strategy.

“In a world that’s changing really quickly the only strategy
that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Mark Zuckerberg


Dan Kirby Techdept


Why we understand ‘the Innovator Mindset’

Over the last 15 years we’ve run tech businesses, built our own tech products and invested in tech startups. Many of these failed. We have the grey hairs to prove it. We know the risks – and rewards – of digital innovation. We’ve lost money, clients and sleep. And built a business which competes at the highest level, appearing at the world’s biggest tech conferences like SXSW and Cannes Lions Innovations.

We have taken this experience and systematically audited it, our team and our customers to create a list of the 8 mindsets we know make a successful innovator.

Once you have measured your mindset you can create a plan to intentionally improve it. This acts as the foundation for your personal growth through the “4th Industrial Revolution.”


Why are we doing this? 

We work best with people that share our mindset. If we both have the same way of seeing the world, we both get more out of the relationship.

If all parties share the same mindset, the process becomes more joy than chore. And this is important with technology, when often the path is yet to be beaten and you’re working on something new that has yet to be proven.

Imagine heading into a jungle, unknown territory to all, with intimidating obstacles and treacherous conditions. It’s best to go with a guide (that’s us!). But you need to have the right mindset yourself, you’ll better survive the unknown challenges ahead.


So, how do you score?

The first step is measuring your mindset – do you have what it takes to unlock your future? Why not find out!

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