The Tech Off: Work It!

The Tech Off: Work It!

On Thursday 9th November, The Tech Off crew were the last act to perform on the stage of the Crucible Theatre for all the attendees at this years MADE Festival.

The MADE Festival is the UK’s premier business event for entrepreneurship and we were honoured to take part!

What IS The Tech Off??

If you haven’t heard about our event it has been called “the love-child of TED talks and WWE”. Competitors have strictly 5 minutes to rant about anything tech-related to wow the crowd. The audience then choose the winner, who take away the coveted ‘Belt of Tech.’

If they go over their allotted time, our security team (in this case, the bewigged and bedazzling ‘Brexit Woman‘) will drag ’em off stage! No exceptions. After each round, we scientifically record the audience’s approval of each speaker via the state-of-the-art Techometer Connected Device Sonic App.

Our grandiose host is none other than MC Danimal (AKA ‘The Beyoncé of Tech’), Shoreditch’s #1 Tech MC.

He’s taken The Tech Off to DMX Dublin, SXSW in Texas, London’s Festival of Marketing, Cannes Lions, London Tech Week, and even Leeds!

But how did it all go down?? Read on…


Delegates were bemused by the sudden appearance of MC Danimal and Brexit Woman who always insist on making an entrance.

Then, our intrepid heroes took to the world-famous boards of the Crucible Theatre to entertain the crowds.

We also had our resident DJ Beefcake to give everyone aural pleasure throughout the show.


Our first contender was brill ‘n’ rockin’ entrepreneur and philanthropist Pennie Raven, who is worried about the robopocalypse and how tech future’s impact on humanity has started leaving us poorly prepared for it. Pennie is the founder of HR Guardian and the non-profit organisations “Sheffield SOUP and “Pecha Kucha Sheffield” and the chat show podcast “Throw Starfish”.

Next up was the brave ‘n’ dashin’ Joe Pack from Pilotish who talked about the future of mental health in the work environment. Joe is a pioneering mental-health blogger with a passionate drive for helping others.

Third to grace the stage was the skilled ‘n’ kick-ass student Tanja Kuzman, whose talk explained how a combination of hologram, AI and voice can become a game changer for medicine. In May 2014, Tanja was proclaimed as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow at the St. Gallen Symposium of Leaders of Today and Leaders of Tomorrow.

Fourth was the adroit ‘n’ erudite Peter Johnson (Director, Fairday Research Ltd) whose talk involved innovation, customer experience and the value of values. Peter is an author, a tech genius, a DJ and a jazz musician. There are many strings to his bow… Read more about Peter here.


Finally, it was time to turn to the crowd and see if we could get a Wild Card. As luck would have it, the energetic Fran Muscroft was itchin’ to get in the spotlight.


As ever, it was time for the Techometer to be brought to the stage. This incredible piece of technology can gauge the decibels of the audience’s rapturous applause and determine the indubitable winner.

As glamorous assistants are thin on the ground these days (Debbie McGee has been ex-directory for a while now), we had to make do with a forty-something wannabe hipster with all the grace of a drunk camel. Still, he was able to hold the Techometer without too much ineptness.

The crowds whooped, the crowds cheered, the crowds caterwauled…

…but the numbers on the Techometer spoke the ultimate truth: Tanja Kuzman was the WINNER!

What a night! (Well, early-evening)

You can see more photos on our Facebook page!

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