A Life in the Year of The Tech Off!

A Life in the Year of The Tech Off!

What a year we’ve had with our event The Tech Off AKA the lovechild of TED Talks & WWE. We’ve hosted 11 events in 3 countries (4 if you count Yorkshire as a separate country, which they do). How did we manage all that? Phew!!!

There is even a movie pilot kicking around (no, really, if it gets funded it will be in the cinema). Our plan is to make ‘the Spinal Tap of tech’…

We’ll be returning in 2018…with a HUGE ‘North Vs South’ event in London. Date TBC early March, watch this space.

In the meantime, here are the write ups from each event of 2017!


The Tech Off: DMXXX Rated! @ DMX Dublin

The Tech Off: Imaginocalypse! @ SXSW Austin Texas

The Tech Off: No Mercy! @ Cargo London with Glug

The Tech Off: Creatives VS Coders Oop North! @ Leeds International Festival

The Tech Off: Soundclash! @ London Tech Week

The Tech Off: Battle For The Future! @ Retail Week Tech

The Tech Off: Beach Fight! @ BrightonSEO

The Tech Off: Work It! @ MADE17 in Sheffield

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