Our Graduate Intern – Niall Frain

Our Graduate Intern – Niall Frain

We have had a graduate intern working with us for the past four weeks. His name is Niall Frain and he has been studying a Computing Bsc at Sheffield Hallam University.

Over to you Niall.

Over the past month I’ve been working with Techdept.

During my time here I’ve been involved in a number of projects working closely with the Techdept team. I came just in time, at the start of the new year, as Techdept has begun to roll out their new concept: the Techdept Boot camp! It’s a method developed by Daniel Kirby, the Managing Director, which he describes as “a simple method to kickstart strategic change. By finding the smallest thing you can do, for the biggest impact and smallest cost”.  After having the Bootcamp explained to me, I could tell that it’s a great process that really adds value to a company by finding what they need, opposed to what you think they need.

I was able to accompany Dan on a couple client meetings in London, and learned a lot about the initiation of a project and the importance of the initial meeting with a client. Along with the numerous client meetings I joined in on, I was able to gain a great insight into the life of a project manager.

I also had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for the BBC Children in Need website. I helped out with the testing of a newly designed web page, feeding back information to the web developers to make the necessary changes. Being involved in the process was a great learning experience.

One of my main tasks, was working on a new podcast titled ‘Your World Plus Tech’ which is scheduled to be released early February. The podcast will feature Dan and Rick (the Technical Director of Techdept) interviewing business leaders in the technology industry talking about business related technology in the workplace.  It was a fun project to get involved with and I enjoyed playing around with the different recording software. I’ll be looking forward to the release of the first episode.

All in all, my month at Techdept was a great experience and I learned a lot from everyone across all the different departments in the office. I’ll definitely be able to take away what I learned into the future.

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