‘Getahead’ by reading these!

‘Getahead’ by reading these!


Our MD and co-founder, Daniel Kirby, has written a number of blog posts on the Getahead website.

As a passionate advocate of mental health, he has a lot to say about the subject and strives to make the lives better for millions across the globe. This is why the Getahead Festival is happening.

Tickets are available now!

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Learn about gaining confidence

How confident are you? Would you prefer to be fearless? Or at least a bit more confident than right now? And would you like a way to create more confidence every day?

Learn about the world’s first 24 hour festival for the head

Modern life has abundant choice and opportunity. We’re safer, richer and healthier than ever before in human history. Yet despite all the good stuff, this world seems to fry our minds. Mental health issues are increasing. Wouldn’t it be good to get ahead in life without burning out?

Learn about that pesky chimp in your brain

Understanding your brain’s physiology means you can better manage your own thoughts, and reduce unnecessary drama.


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