pomodoro technique

Pomodoro Technique

Phones, email, instant messaging, text messages, RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook… The next time I feel like I’m getting distracted, I will try out this Pomodoro Technique. There are plenty of…

kpcb internet trends

2013 Internet Trends from KPCB

The latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report was released yesterday and we have been having a flick through in the office. The report, by Mary Meeker (partner at…

history of the personal computer

My history with the Personal Computer

This was the first PC I ever got my hands on, it’s a BBC Micro. The primary school I attended had one of these to share between about 400 pupils….

children programming

Why I will not be teaching my children to program

It seems that many people are suggesting we should all learn to program computers and that all children should be taught programming at school. I guess people see computers and subsequently programming…

avoid the bottom half

Avoiding the bottom half

That’s it. I’ve had enough. Today is the beginning of a better life. From today I will not be reading the comments on web pages. AT ALL. Who the hell…

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