THE tech off QUEUE

Why we’re building an *offline* community

Humans are social animals. We want family, team, community. Social media is great, but it isn’t ‘real’. Human interaction is fundamentally different when you can look in eyes, read body…

Down the pub with the team

Our Wellbeing Plan

January 2017 saw us launch our company Wellbeing Plan. In previous posts you may have read about our ambitious Vision, our Massive Transformative Purpose, and our Tech Special Ops Team…

Tech Special Ops Team

Introducing a new way to do digital: Tech Special Ops

Digital. What is it? Tech stuff. Business stuff. Strategy stuff. People stuff. Marketing stuff. Operational stuff. Design stuff. Future stuff. Legacy stuff. It’s basically a lot of different stuff. So…

The Tech Off CX Factor

The Tech Off @ Raveolution: CX Factor!

Brrrrrrring. Brrrrrrrring. The finger-print stained phone buzzed like an angry mantis. Techdept CEO Dan Kirby (AKA The Beyonce Of Tech™) startled from an afternoon slumber. His stained fist snaked from…

Ricks Tech Shed - The rise of AI

Rick’s Tech Shed: Vol 4 | The Rise of AI

Hi there, welcome to my Tech Shed – Volume 4. In this episode the subject is Artificial Intelligence, and I talk you through the following: The rise of it, Web browsing, Voice…

The Tech Off Glug Danger Zone

Glug VS The Tech Off: DANGER ZONE

  Like two prize fighters in an 80s movie, creative-event-series Glug and our-event-series The Tech Off just can’t stop slugging it out. We first met in May 2016, and a…

Ricks Tech Shed - hearables

Rick’s Tech Shed: Vol 3

Hi, and welcome to volume three of my ‘Tech Shed’ where i’m focusing on hearables. I’ll be shooting a new ‘Tech Shed’ video every month, so let me know what…

Danger! The Tech Off is BACK

Get 28th September in your diary as we’ve got another battle with our frenemies at Glug. This time The Tech Off is entering The Danger Zone! Last time we saw…

Our July Tech Newsletter

We’ve gathered together our highlights for the month of July – here’s the low down… We’ve got a great update from Rick Grundy on Augmented Reality – clearing up on…

Ricks tech shed - augmented reality

Rick’s Tech Shed: Vol 2

This is volume 2 of my ‘Tech Shed’ where i discuss a few points on Augmented Reality:
What is it?
Why should we care?
Where is it going?
Whats wrong with it?